Shared: Is the Vietnamese who made settlement in the United States but then would like to return to the living in Vietnam? What if the conditions are?

Circular 06/2007/TT-BCA-C11 guiding the implementation of a number of provisions of the Residence Law and Decree No. 107/2007/ND-CP dated 25/6/2007 of the government regulations on guiding the implementation of some things of the law of residence, accordingly :

Vietnamese settled abroad do not have to do repatriation if: Use Vietnamese passport (passport is still valid) return to the registered country of permanent residence right at the Public security district, district, town and be granted household Vietnamese citizens who are resident in the country, do not have to do repatrias procedures.

Vietnamese settled abroad must be repatriation procedures if: Vietnamese settled abroad in the presence of non-passport or passport replacement documents Vietnam is valid but has certificate of citizenship registration issued by a representative authority Vietnam overseas level or certificate of Vietnamese nationality issued by PPC, City Central or overseas Vietnamese representative authorities (using foreign passports) to return to live water, still the procedure of repatriation under the decision of TTg on 21/11/1996 of the Prime minister.

Excerpt TT-LT “guide to make Decision No. 875/TTg on 21/11/1996 of Prime Minister”:

  1. “Vietnam Nationality” condition: 2 cases:

– Bring your Passport to Vietnam remaining valid or valuable documents instead of passport issued by the competent authorities of the State.

– There is no Vietnamese passport, foreign passport or valuable document for replacement of foreign passport but no loss of Vietnamese nationality and registered citizen at Vietnam’s representative agency abroad.

  1. The condition of “ensuring life after Repatrias”

– Make sure there is a lawful place: The Repatrier must have the evidence and specify in the application for the return of financial capability to buy the housing after repatriate, or be specified by relatives (guarantor) in the guarantee paper on the guarantee of accommodation After Repatrias.

– Be able to sustain life after repatriations: The repatriate must have evidence and specify in the application for the restoration of the source of life or intended for employment after repatriate or by relatives (guarantor) clearly stated in the security The guarantee of financial, nurturing after Repatrian.

  1. Guarantee Conditions:

A. For the repatrias of Vietnamese agency guarantee:

The agency of Viet Nam guarantees to have written affirmation of the repatriate, invested capital or already the feasibility project in Vietnam; Have high academic level (college) or highly skilled Vietnamese agency to receive the work and will arrange for the corresponding education and workmanship of the person.

B. For the Repatrior for the guarantor:

Be sure to be eligible as mentioned in clause 4b 2 of QD 875/TTg (full 18-year-old relatives who have permanent residence in Vietnam (father, mother, spouse, child, brother, sister, child and tribal) guarantee for the case of Repatrior Family reunion and humanitarian purposes such as: ensuring the accommodation, employment (if still labor), refuge (if the old age),…) And the applicant is to be a person who is not lost or restricted civil rights, has a relationship with the same line with the guarantor, including: wife and husband relations; Father, mother, son; grandparents, maternal grandfather; Brothers, sisters, siblings; A grandmother, uncle, uncle, aunt, grandpa.

Repatrian Procedure Record:

  1. Application for Repatrian (according to HH1 form); Correct, sufficient, detailed column entries in the invoice.
  2. Copy of your Passport or document with replacement value. In case of Vietnamese nationality, the foreign passport must have additional written confirmation of Vietnam Representative agency abroad about registered citizen.
  3. 03 newly-sized 4 × 6 images, 02 stickers on the application of the repatriate, 01 picture of the name (if repatriate).
  4. Other documents relating to applying for restoration, specific to the person applying for the sponsor’s guarantee:

– The guarantor of the relative form HH2 (enclosed), fully credited, detailed column entries, obtained confirmation by the People’s Committee of the Ward (or commune), where the resident guarantor.

– Proof or explanation of the relationship with the same line as the guarantor. If a resolution must be certified by the People’s Committee of the Ward (or commune) where the resident guarantor.

– Proof of ability to ensure life after repatrias.

As such, if the Vietnamese are residing overseas, if you are a national citizenship, using a VN passport, returning to VIETNAM is not difficult and does not have to do the procedures for repatriation.

Exclusively for settlers before the Nationality Law day, the Law of residence is a little more troublesome due to the guarantee and the procedure to repatriate as mentioned above.