Share: Questions about the repatriate issue-re-entry of citizenship

Please be asked:

  1. After registering the citizen, before repatriation I get the Vietnamese passport? If so, what is the procedure?
  2. If I were to be granted a Vietnamese passport, would I be considered as having 2 nationalities under the new law by Congress through last year?
  3. After registering citizenship and repatriation, am I free to use a British passport to return to the UK to visit your child?
  4. After returning to Vietnam, have I been forced to live in Vietnam for a certain minimum period? If so, how long?
  5. Vietnamese nationals who have Vietnamese passport but do not have a certificate of people because they have not yet repatriate permanent residence when returning to their hometown, have the ownership of the home associated with the right to use the land as a resident of Vietnam resident Water? If so, what is the minimum temporary stay?


  1. Please provide passport for Vietnam (article 14, 15, 16 Decree No. 136/2007/ND-CP of the Government on 17/08/2007, entry of Vietnam citizen):

In accordance with Vietnamese law, the proposed passport-level procedure applies to Vietnamese nationals only. If you have a Vietnamese nationality, you will be granted a passport by competent authorities if required.

The procedure for providing universal passports for Vietnamese nationals abroad:

The record includes: the declaration of the passport provided in the prescribed form; Supporting documents of Vietnamese nationality; A copy of the birth certificate if the person who recommended the passport is under 14 years old.

In the event of a parent in need of children under the age of 14 accompanied by a passport, it will be in the form of its passport proposal. Documents submitted at Vietnam Representative agency abroad. The agency pays the results to the person who recommends within no more than 5 working days from the date of receipt of the record.

  1. Issue 2 Citizenship:

In accordance with the law of nationality, Vietnam Passport is a proof of Vietnamese nationality (article 11 of the Nationality Law). If you are considering a Vietnamese passport, you may be considered to have two nationalities. However, you also need to take note of the citizenship principle under Article 4 Vietnamese Nationality Law No. 24/2008/QH12 of the Vietnam National Congress on 13/11/2008: “The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, recognized by Vietnamese citizens, has a nationality of Vietnamese nationality, except in the case of this law.

  1. About the issue back to Britain after Repatrias:

After you are repatriate, if you want to leave the scene (return to England), you must use your passport or the relevant documents for this procedure (Article 4 Decree No. 136/2007/ND-CP of the government on 17/08/2007 on the scene , entry of Vietnamese nationals). It depends on the laws of England that you want to migrate to Britain in this regard.

  1. Minimum deadline to live in the Namingafter Repatriationedit:

Vietnamese law does not specify the mandatory deadline for Vietnamese citizens when repatriation must live. However, according to the prime Minister’s regulations, the repatriation when returning to Vietnam, within 30 days from the date of entry, must present the papers from the police department, the city where the residence to register the permanent household registration , and applying for the People’s identification (decision No. 875/TTg of the Prime Minister on 21/11/1996 on the settlement of Vietnam citizens settled abroad in return to Vietnam). In addition, the Vietnamese citizen when Repatrian is required to comply with the registration of residence under the provisions of the 2006 residence law.

  1. Ownership of housing in Vietnam:

Clause 2, article 126 of the House Law in Vietnam, regulations: Vietnamese settled abroad in Vietnam to reside with a term allowed six months or more to possess a separate housing (own home and land use right) or an apartment.

As such, the period of temporary residence is allowed for Vietnamese settled overseas to have ownership of the land right in Vietnam for 6 months.