Consulting and resubscribing to Vietnamese nationality


As the first and only company to be established with the ideal to serve and connect the Vietnamese community at home and abroad, Nhip Cau Corporation has always developed and perfected the specialized legal consultancy services dedicated to the original Vietnamese audience Want to return to their homeland.

Despite deciding whether to return to the roots of the home to work, resort, retirement or investment, business, Vietnamese people who live abroad no longer retain Vietnamese nationality must meet no less difficulties in the process of living At home.

The innovation and offers in the State policy in recent years has opened the way for people of Vietnamese descent are allowed to return to the old citizenship of Vietnam without losing existing nationality, thereby helping them gain more legal and financial benefits From the reapplying of the original nationality. In particular, when receiving the original nationality, the original Vietnamese individuals will enjoy the benefits such as:

  • To be kept current nationality in parallel with Vietnamese nationality (President, nationality)
  • Imported personal property for Vietnam duty-free
  • Converted, granted additional driver’s by Vietnam (without existing drivers)
  • Investment, sale and transfer of real estate
  • Open Representative Office, established company, franchise in Vietnam
  • Made inheritance rights to the descendants
  • Borrowing and mortgage at banks in the territory of Vietnam
  • Be free of entry into Vietnamese territories and ASEAN countries without Visa
  • And many other benefits of a Vietnamese citizen

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